Your Scores.

Unleash your swings potential by understanding and addressing your Body-Swing Connection™.


Our Training strategies help you add distance, reduce injury and play more frequently.

Our golf performance training helps amateurs and professionals lower their scores by identifying physical limitations and addressing them through structured training plans. We focus on improving active joint range of motion, core stability and balance. Once the foundation is set, we progress to muscular endurance, strength and power training. Your golf fitness assessment will dictate your program and ensure that you reach your performance potential safely and effectively.

TPI physical screen

Superspeed overspeed training protocols

TPI online programming

Functional range conditioning mobility

Group strength and power sessions

Improve Your Golf Performance

Using an evidence based approach to your performance on the golf course


Last year I recorded over 125 full rounds. I felt great, made improvements and am certain this will continue by sticking to my performance program!



Superspeed Phase 1


Superspeed RK Level 2


Superspeed RK Level 3


Superspeed RK Level 4


Superspeed RK Level 5

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