Work Smarter
Not Harder.

Understand your body's unique metabolism and use the information to eat, train and recover more efficiently.


Our Performance analytics will help you train smarter and more efficiently.

Our metabolic testing arms you with the necessary information to guide your nutrition, training and recovery. Your detailed reports and in-depth coaching sessions will be used to construct an optimal training plan in route to  your weight loss and/or performance improvements. By identifying your daily caloric needs, accurate heart rate training zones and physiological limitations, your results are within reach.

Convenient Metabolic Analysis

Determine accurate Heart Rate Training Zones 

Comprehensive view of heart, lung and cellular fitness

Identify accurate Resting Metabolic Rate

Distinguish respiratory capabilities and capacities through spirometry 

Clinical Grade Accuracy

PNOĒ is independently validated as the most accurate portable metabolic analyzer


By implementing these metabolic testing and training protocols I have seen substantial improvements in my cardio performance along with a reduction in body fat. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking to add strategy and precision to  their fitness program!


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